Using the Spike Booking System

Log In:

  • The link to the childcare app is available on the LNPS OSHC website and on your weekly invoices
  • Log in requires an email address and password.
    The email address is the same email address that your weekly invoices are sent to. Your password is the pin-code used to sign your children in and out.

Using the App:

  • Select Lockleys North Primary School OSHC
  • The home page will only display the children registered under your name
  • The bottom menu will display three options. Home, Bookings and Fees.


  • The home page will show the children registered to your name.
  • You can select the child’s name to show the emergency contacts and collection authorities for your child.
  • You can also select your own name and information about your account such as CRN, contact numbers and sign in pin codes.


  • All bookings made for Before and After school care on the app are charged as casual bookings. Permanent booking forms are required at the beginning of each year and run till the end of the year. Any additional bookings to your permanent bookings are considered casual.
  • The bookings tab will show a calendar on the left of the screen. The dates in blue represent your current bookings and the dates in green represent bookings available.
  • To select a date simply click on the date and choose whether you would like a before or after school session and click accept and then confirm at the bottom of the screen.
  • Please note if you are booking for more than one child you will need to select accept and confirm on each child’s name. 


  • The Fees tab will have two options displayed, Tax Invoices and Payments and Fees.
  • The Tax Invoice section will enable you to access and download your weekly tax invoices.
  • The Payment and Fees tab will show you any payments made by you and your Child Care Subsidy payments.
  • All payments are made via the QKR app.


  • Cancellations can be made via the Spike Online Booking App if they abide by our two week cancellation policy.
  • To cancel your bookings sign in and select the bookings tab on the bottom of the screen.
  • Your current bookings will appear blue on the calendar on the right hand side.
  • Select the date that you wish to cancel. It will show your ‘Current Bookings’ with the option to ‘Cancel’ next to the booking
  • Select the ‘Cancel’ button to cancel the selected booking. Ensure you select the correct sessions (BSC or ASC) when cancelling.

Frequently Asked Questions about using the Spike Online Booking App:

How can I access the Spike Child Care App?
The Spike Child Care Booking App is available via the LNPS OSHC website and is also linked on your weekly invoices under the ‘Closing Balance’ section.

What is my Spike Online Booking sign in?
Your Spike Online Booking sign in will be made up of a username and password.
Your online booking username will be the email address provided to the service upon enrolment and also the same address that your weekly invoices are sent to.
Your password will be the pin-code used to sign in/out your child/ren on the iPad.

I can’t remember my pin?
You can either:
Select the ‘forgot password’ option on the sign in page of the Spike Booking page.
Ask one of our friendly staff members to look it up for you

I am unable to log in with my details, what should I do?
If you are having difficulty logging into the Spike Online Booking App, select the ‘forgot password’ option and enter your email address to reset your password.
If no accounts are registered under that email address please contact the OSHC service via email on for further assistance.

There are no bookings available for the requested date that I want to book in for, what should I do?
This means that the session is fully booked. Please contact the service via email on to see if there have been any cancellations.

I am trying to cancel a booking and it is not working. What should I do?
Our service follows a two-week cancellation policy which means bookings will be unable to be cancelled via the app if two weeks’ notice has not been provided.
If the date you are trying to cancel abides by the two weeks cancellation policy and you are still unable to cancel a session, please contact the service.

Am I able to mark my child as absent through the app?
No, parents are unable to mark their children as absent as this can alter the children to staff ratios. Please contact the service via to inform them of any absences.

 Am I able to make a payment through the app?
Unfortunately, at this stage, you are unable to make a payment through the app. All payments are accepted via the QKR app, EFTPOS or in cash.

 Will people listed on my collection authority be able to access my online booking account?
No, only the listed account holder will be able to access the account.

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