Our Philosophy


It is our belief that children are valued individuals, with unique personalities, differing needs, capabilities and backgrounds. Lockleys North Out of School Hours Care is child focused and aims to provide a fun, flexible and culturally inclusive program, which allows free choice and is sensitive to the rights and special rights of all children.

Children and Education

We value the importance of play and encourage children to participate in a range of enjoyable learning experiences and activities, which are both planned and spontaneous. Educators base their decisions on reflective practice and encourage and promote an environment where children’s voices and values are heard and enable them to become active citizens within the OSHC community. We aim to foster self-esteem, empathy and independence in a warm, supportive and caring environment where all children are respected which will enable them to grow emotionally, socially, intellectually and physically, at their own pace.


Families are welcomed and respected; we aim to provide high quality care and support parents/guardians in the upbringing of their children. We encourage positive and open communication, and respect their beliefs, customs, language and culture. We encourage partnerships between families and the service. We welcome our families’ participation and feedback in the operation of the service.


We believe that to be sensitive to the needs of our community we must be aware of its diverse social and cultural backgrounds. We will participate with other community groups and services to share resources and develop a support network, while at the same time, be able to respond to the changing needs of the community.


The staff are a team of highly skilled educators who are sensitive, warm, caring and aware of the developmental needs of the children. Continuity of staff is important, and we aim to achieve this by providing a friendly, supportive work environment and providing ongoing training opportunities for professional development.


Our service values and understands the need for sustainability and environmental awareness and aims to implement strategies that connect the children to their world around them.  Educators actively encourage and role model positive behaviours for the children through everyday routines. Enabling children to partake in gardening, recycling and sustainability practices within the service is important. By programming and planning activities that focus on the environment we provide the children with the opportunity to be competent, efficient and conscious individuals.

The Service

The service provides a welcoming, caring, stimulating, organized and safe environment. We aim to provide a visually, intellectually and physically stimulating environment that adheres to governing regulations and national standards.