Our Facilities

Lockleys North Primary School Out of Hours School Care (LNPS OSHC) has a wide range of facilities that enhance children’s learning and their play experiences.

Our facilities include:

  • A newly renovated kitchen which enables the children to sit at the bench and enjoy their snacks or assist educators in preparing healthy and nutritious food.
  • The garden where the children are able to connect with their natural surroundings and plant, care for, grow and eat in season produce.
  • The playground which provides the children the opportunity to develop their fine and gross motor skills as well as create games and interact with their peers.
  • The oval with footy posts, a cricket pitch and sand pits.
  • The gymnasium which provides a sporting area for the children during wet weather. Our gymnasium allows the children to play indoor sports such as basketball and futsal.
  • The OSHC room, which hosts an array of play opportunities varying from reading a book in the quiet nook, creating a masterpiece with the services craft materials, engaging in a card game with friends and many more!